Miyazaki Area Guide | The Beautiful Kaeda River Valley

Forest Bathing in the Kaeda Valley

Miyazaki Prefecture is truely diverse. Known for its rugged coastline, beautiful beaches and awesome surfing, but what really sets this prefecture apart is the vast amount of surrounding nature. Mountains covered in lush forests with a wide variety of flora and fauna, crystal clear rivers running into the ocean, huge waterfalls running off steep cliffs and monkeys swinging above your head.

Only a 15 minute drive away from the chilled out beach town of Aoshima lies Kaeda Valley.

It is a forested area that has many hiking trails to choose from. At the start of the trail just after the main carpark is a great swimming spot where you will find local families setting up picnics and escaping the heat of the summer season.

There is a Free carpark at the entrance of Kaeda Valley. From there you can make your way up the path towards the river. After entering the main gate you will follow the trail up that follows the course of the river. From start to finish it should take around 5 hours at an easy pace. There are many trails that steer off down to the river or up in mountains but do take care as this area is known for its landslides due to heavy rain fall. If in doubt take a Guide..

Area Information

Kaeda River Valley

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

Parking: Free

Official website: Click here

Advice: Be careful of landslides due to rain and watch out for snakes. Guides are available..



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