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Where Ocean meets Mountain

We are an Adventure Guiding and Photography Company based in both Miyazaki and Nagano prefectures.

Our aim is to promote the Snow and Surf culture of Japan and help to inspire more people to explore these undiscovered areas. We are a team of Adventure Guides, Photographers and Videographers who offer our services to help make your experience here unforgettable.

Mountain Swell offers Surf Photography / Ski Photography and a range of Adventure Tours with both Local and Native English speaking guides 

'The Japan you don't know'

 Discover Nozawa Onsen

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Ski Photo - Ski Filming - Ski Hire - Snow Shoe Tour

Ski Guide and Photography

Hire a Professional Photographer to capture those epic 'Powder shots'

 We offer basic hourly packages to full day Mountain Shoots including Guiding. Our Photographer/Guide specializes in Mountain Sports Photography but can also be booked for Family portraits, etc..

Ski Filming

Leave the GoPro at home and get the real deal

Professional Equipment - Drone Camera - Flexible Packages

Snow Shoe Tours

Why not take a break from the Mountain and join one of our Snow Shoe Tours based in Nozawa Onsen. We have Tours to suit all fitness levels and abilities.
Renowned for it's onsen since the Edo period, the village also played a significant role in the history of skiing in Japan. The village is located at the foot of Kenashi-yama with an altitude of 1650 meters surrounded by beautiful scenery.


Experience Miyazaki


Surf Guide - Surfboard Rental - Surf Lesson - Surf Photography


Surf Guide/Photographer

Let us show you around some of the best surf spots using our Local Guides knowledge. Packages to suit all levels from Beginners to Advanced and with the option of being accompanied by our Native English Speaking Photographer to capture those 'epic' moments.

Area Information

Miyazaki Prefecture is truely diverse. Known for its rugged coastline, beautiful beaches and awesome surfing, but what really sets this prefecture apart is the vast amount of surrounding nature. Mountains covered in lush forests, crystal clear rivers running into the ocean, huge waterfalls running off steep cliffs, uninhabited islands off the coast, ancient shrines and plenty of wildlife.

Surf Spots

Our list of local surf spots will help you out on your arrival in Miyazaki. A host to many  competitions, beautiful beach breaks with jaw dropping scenery, wild reef breaks, river mouths and not to mention the incredible mountain scenery as you look back from the water. 


Hire a Professional Photographer to capture the moment

Miyazaki Surf Photography available to suit all levels from Beginner to Advanced

Nozawa Onsen Winter Snow Sports Photography with Guide