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Welcome to  Mountain Swell

Step back to Nature

We are an Adventure Guiding and Photography Company based in Aoshima, Miyazaki

Our aim is to promote Miyazaki Prefecture and invite more people to explore this undiscovered part of Japan. We offer FREE information to help get you started on planning your trip to this incredible area. Miyazaki is not built up like a lot of places in Japan and we like it that way here. Use our FREE Local Business guide to learn the best places to eat, sleep, drink, car rental, surf school, etc..

Mountain Swell offers Surf Photography services and a range of Adventure Tours with both Local and Native English speaking guides 

'The Japan you don't know'


Experience Miyazaki


Surf Guide - Surfboard Rental - Surf Lesson - Surf Photography


Nature Tours

Come join us on one of our many tour options. We are partnered up with local activity company 'HADASHI' meaning 'Barefoot' in Japanese. Our tours are designed around showing you the true nature in what Miyazaki has to offer.

Area Information

We would like to introduce to you all the great spots this beautiful prefecture has to offer. Our Area guide has all the up to date information about local attractions, places to explore and up coming events.

Surf Spots

Our list of local surf spots will help you out on your arrival in Miyazaki. A host to many  competitions, beautiful beach breaks with jaw dropping scenery, wild reef breaks, river mouths and not to mention the incredible mountain scenery as you look back from the water. 

Local Business

Support your local by shopping, eating, renting and sleeping at our recommended list of local businesses. 


Hire a Professional Photographer to capture the moment

Miyazaki Surf Photography available to suit all levels from Beginner to Advanced

Nozawa Onsen Winter Snow Sports Photography with Guide