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Skateboarding in Nature

NISHIMORO FOREST PARK is located in the middle of a cypress forest surrounded by the Kirishima mountain range only about 1 hour drive from Miyazaki city. There is a pump track that has been built in using the natural features and flow of the forest. Great for both skateboarding and biking.

Upon entrance of the park there is a good size mini ramp built under a shelter for use on rainy days. The main part of the skatepark is built on a flat section in the forest and has a good selection of features.

There is also a trampoline, slack-lines and various hammocks located around the forest park.

Area Information

Nishimoro Forest Skatepark

Opening hours: 10:30 - 17:00

Price: ¥700 for 30 mins / ¥1200 for all day

Parking: Free

Official website: Click here

Advice: Soak in the Onsen next to the park after skateboarding



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