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Miyazaki Area Guide | Sakatani Rice Terrace and Waterfall

Along route 222 from Nichinan to Miyakonojo you will come across a road station just passed the Nichinan Dam called Michi No Eki Sakataniko. These kind of road stations are all over Japan and a great place to stop for snacks and local fresh produce. Here you will find the Rice terraces and waterfall.

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Miyazaki Area Guide | Futo Beach - Miyazaki's Most Beautiful Swimming Beaches

Futo beach is located along Miyazaki’s most scenic coastal drive, Route 220. A quiet little beach town that really comes alive during the Summer season. Although you can swim here all year round, you will not see anybody in the water until the 1st of July.

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Miyazaki Area Guide | Obi Castle Town

Step back in time as you explore this quaint historical village. Often regarded as ‘The Kyoto of Kyushu’. Obi is full of historical sites to explore and has a long history of Samurai. There are many buildings and small museums located around the town and are full of information in many languages.

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Miyazaki Area Guide | Nishimoro Forest Skate Park

NISHIMORO FOREST PARK is located in the middle of a cypress forest surrounded by the Kirishima mountain range only about 1 hour drive from Miyazaki city. There is a pump track that has been built in using the natural features and flow of the forest. Great for both skateboarding and biking.

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Miyazaki Area Guide | Forest Therapy and Waterfalls in the Inohae Valley

Inohae Valley is home to many trees that contain a large amount of phytoncide, the bactericidal substance that plants release to protect themselves from microorganisms. Most Trees give off organic compounds that support our “NK” (natural killer) cells that are part of our immune system's way of fighting cancer.

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Miyazaki Area Guide | The Beautiful Kaeda River Valley

Only a 15 minute drive away from the chilled out beach town of Aoshima lies Kaeda Valley.

It is a forested area that has many hiking trails to choose from. At the start of the trail just after the main carpark is a great swimming spot where you will find local families setting up picnics and escaping the heat of the summer season.

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