Miyazaki Surf Spots and Forecast | Miyazaki | Kisakihama


 Heading South towards Aoshima from Miyazaki city you will come across a long stretch of beach to the left. This is called Kisakihama and is Miyazaki’s most well known Surf beach as its host to many contests. It is a very popular Surf spot due to the consistent swell, huge FREE parking area and different breaks. Looking out to the water from the beach, there is the Kaeda river mouth to the right and the Kiyotake river mouth way over to the left. Generally the waves seem to get bigger towards the left and thats where most shortboard surfers head out to.



Type of wave: Beach break

Wave direction: Right and Left

Level: Intermediate

Crowds: Generally busy and very busy on weekends

Good swell direction: South East

Good wind direction: West

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