Buying Ski gear in Tokyo

Thousands of winter enthusiasts come flocking to Japan each year to experience 'JaPow'

Shot of Ryan Butterfield in Niseko, taken by Finnegen Laver from Powdershots

With Tokyo being the main hub for international tourists arriving into Japan, there has been somewhat of a pilgrimage to explore the streets of Jimbocho and stock up on any necessary winter items before heading out to the slopes.



Yasakuni Dori, AKA 'Sports  street'

Yasakuni Dori is a long street in the Kanda district of Tokyo between the Ogawamachi and Jimbocho subway stations. Here you will find everything you need for your winter adventures with all kinds of shops catering to each individual. From big name chain sports stores to small independent specialists to outlet dumping stations of gear from seasons gone by. The sheer range is amazing and you will see designs and fashions that you probably won’t find in your home country. It is not necessarily cheaper than your home country but with so many shops competing beside each other there are definitely deals to be had if you work on your haggling skills.

If your not looking for this seasons model then you will find the best offers around with normally up-to 70% OFF gear**

**a few seasons old model



Prepare yourself for a lot of walking around as you explore this long stretch of street and accompanying little side streets. With floor upon floor dedicated to skis, boards, gloves, jackets, goggle, etc...... You might even forget what you was looking for in the first place. Luckily there are a few cafe's and convenience stores in the area to have a pit stop and get refreshed. With products to compare and deals to be made, you need to keep a clear head to get your best price!!



  • Take a notepad and write down your prices to compare with other shops (many shops sell the same products but at different prices)

  • Remember where you found that awesome deal you made because trying to find that shop again could be a nightmare (especially when you have been walking around for hours haggling)

  • Never settle on the first shop even if the deal sounds too good, EXAMPLE (we found a jacket and the lady gave us such a good price from the original price, but after finding the jacket again in another shop it was the same price as the ladies offer but also including pants!)

  • Have a coffee break at the Krispy Kreme Doughnut store as the Doughnuts are AMAZING!!

  • Don't be scared to strike a deal

  • Remember to drink plenty of water


Take exit A5 - A7 from Jimbocho subway station and make your way to Yasakuni Dori


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