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Buying Ski gear in Tokyo

With Tokyo being the main hub for international tourists arriving into Japan, there has been somewhat of a pilgrimage to explore the streets of Jimbocho and stock up on any necessary winter items before heading out to the slopes. Welcome to Yasakuni Dori AKA Sports shop street

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Japan Working Holiday Visa

How to apply for your Working Holiday visa in Japan. Japan is not a cheap country to travel and especially for backpackers, so what a better way to explore this country by participating in a Working Holiday Visa. This gives you the chance to travel whilst engaging in employment to fund your travels. 

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Cozy Japan - Rooms and travel information

Becoming a Travel reporter for Cozy Japan. Cozy Japan is the comprehensive tourist information website exclusively designed for overseas tourists visiting Japan. Cozy Japan features information on Attraction, Accommodations and Restaurants in Japan.

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