Yala and Udawalawe National Parks

Yala national park

With a Leopard density that's higher than anywhere else on this planet, there is no wonder that thousands of tourists make their way to see these lords of the jungle, making it the most popular National park in Sri Lanka. As the number of visitors to this world famous park increases so does the impact on nature. Surrounded by beautiful landscape and an array of wildlife, its hard to escape the sound of roaring engines as jeeps whizz by at the slight sighting of a Leopard. 

Udawalawe national park

One of the best places to spot wild elephants in Sri Lanka. Uda Walawe is the Sri Lankan national park that best rivals the savannah reserves of Africa. For elephant-watching, Uda Walawe often surpasses many of the most famous East African national parks.

The park centres on the Uda Walawe Reservoir, with its light vegetation and the lack of dense vegetation makes game-watching easy. It’s certainly the one national park in Sri Lanka not to miss.

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