Finding a job in Mayrhofen, Austria!

With about 500kms of ski terrain in winter and about 800kms of bike routes in summer there is no wonder that Zillertal is the most visited place in Tyrol. As winter approaches the biggest town of the Valley comes alive and seasonnaires from all over the world flock to set up their base for the next few months. 

Mayrhofen!! (A.K.A - The Hoff)

Many people would love to spend the season here whether it be for the thriving Apre ski, extensive ski area, the many of festivals including SNOWBOMBING or the famous VANS snow park. 


Check out a cool article on which tells you a lot about why to choose Mayrhofen as your next destination.

This article we will share contacts and knowledge in helping you to find a job PRE-SEASON.

So firstly if you are new to working in the winter then we would suggest to find a job with a holiday company as the work is not so hard, get to meet lots of people, time to shred and mostly they all include food, accommodation, ski rental and lift pass. Downside is that you only really receive pocket money but its a good starter in getting your foot in the door and making contacts. Also easier to apply for these positions from your home country and you will receive transport to and from resort.

1. Ski company's that operate in Mayrhofen:     

  • Crystal (British)
  • Inghams (British)
  • Direct Ski (Irish)
  • Topflight (Irish)
  • Nielson (British)
  • Sun Web (Dutch)
  • Neckermann (Belgium)
  • Ski deal (Israel)
  • PAC group (Russian)
  • Sunrise tour (Russian)


For those who have experience within the industry and language skills, there is plenty of jobs in rental shops and they pay pretty good. Easiest thing to do is email the shop directly with cover letter, photo and an awesome Resume!

2. Ski shops in Mayrhofen:

  • Mannis
  • Ski zone
  • Intersport
  • Sport 2000
  • Hanzmann
  • Greenroom
  • Moreboards
  • Luggis
  • Hotzone
  • Hervis
  • Die Roten Profis
  • Wegscheider
  • Hausberger Heinz


3. For those of you Qualified Instructors, here is a list of schools:

  • Die Roten Profis
  • Ski Mayrhofen
  • Mayrhofen 3000
  • SMT

(More ski schools available outside Mayrhofen)




MAYRHOFEN is just 1 town within the Zillertal Valley so there is plenty more options for work elsewhere also working on top of the mountain and the neighboring towns whilst living in Mayrhofen is a viable option. Getting a cable car to work each day sure beats the subway!

As for bar and hotel work, there is so much to choose from so making a list would be huge but we are happy to give advice for those who ask. After spending 5 winters in the Zillertal valley please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


For those who are NOT Austrian Citizens and will work for a local company are able to apply for their TAXBACK at the end of the season which could be quite a nice bonus.

Knowing German is obviously beneficial but not necessary and considering that most tourists here are Russians, Brits and Dutch makes it easier for english speakers to get jobs.

Actually finding a job here is not the hard part as most people know but searching for accommodation is another story.

You could be lucky enough to secure work before arriving into resort by applying for jobs in the local paper. If your not able to read German, its nothing Google couldn't translate.

Link to site: and then click on 'STELLENANZEIGEN' for latest job posts

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