Create your own unique trip! Go Camper Japan!

Real travellers in Japan are ‘as rare as chicken teeth.’ Yes, there are people traveling by themselves, but they mostly follow the same (t)rail. Based on their Japan Rail pass. Are you more adventurous?

Unbelievable! Why nobody does this?!

Can you believe there is a country, exciting and different, safe and with all modern comforts, yet not many travelers dare going there on their own? Let alone venture away from the few, well known touristy areas?

Japan is scary and expensive

Yes, that country is Japan. Because it is perceived as ‘scary and expensive.’ Because nobody speaks any English so you can’t go at it alone. Because your trip will cost a fortune since everything from hotels, to transport and food has a high price tag.

Your solution: rent a camper car

If independent travel in Japan seems a problem, Go Camper Japan is your solution!

  • the trick how to travel all over Japan by yourself

  • easy and very safe, even if you cannot speak any Japanese

  • and it will cost less than you might expect

Hire a camper! Be free to stay where you want, and discover the off-the-beaten-track Japan of your dreams! How to do it? All you need to know is on Go Camper Japan!

Create your own unique trip! Go Camper Japan!

This was a guest post by Sandor, from Go Camper Japan! He shares free information on how to travel Japan by rental camping car. It is your trick to be able to discover Japan by yourself. Travel independently but safe, easy and on a lower budget!