The Birthplace of Ninja!

What is a Ninja?

Ninjas are the unknown warriors of the shadows, trained in the art of 'Ninjitsu' (忍術, "art of stealth and endurance"). 

Ninjitsu is not a combat technique but a strategic art of warfare developed independently in the Iga and Koka regions of Mie and Shiga Prefectures of Japan. Portrayed in movies, flying from roof to roof, disappearing without a trace and fighting enemies using deadly acrobatics and ninja swords. But in reality they where more like spies, gathering secret information and plotting strategies.

Kuji-in  Ninja hand signs give Shinobi warriors strength of mind and body.

The Ninja would not fight enemies stronger than themselves, instead they gather information about the enemy and think of ways to defeat them without fighting. Ninjas where spiritual and would base their tactics on beliefs and their intellectual power. This was 'Ninjitsu' (忍術, "art of stealth and endurance")

Iga Ninja Village, Iga city

The Igaryu school of ninjitsu was one of Japans leading Ninja schools, along with Kokaryu school in the neighboring Shiga Prefecture. 

Iga Ueno is most famous for Ninja. It is a small city in Mie Prefecture with not much to do except visit the popular Ninja Museum, Ninja village and watch the Ninja performance. Many Japanese tourists come here with their families and rent Ninja costumes for the day. It is a great place for children with lots of Ninja activities to partake in and has a great castle to explore. 

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The Ninja Museum

The Ninja exhibition halls displays a variety of tool, gadgets, weapons and costumes. Here you will learn about the Ninja way of life and practical techniques. There are over 400 original antique tools and weapons displayed actually used by Ninja. 

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