Become a Scuba Diver........on a budget!

Diving in Koh Tao!

Why is Planet Earth called Planet Earth? Shouldn't it be called Planet Ocean? Did you know that the ocean covers more than 70% of our planet's surface, it regulates temperature, drives weather and ultimately supports all living organisms. It is a vital source of transport, growth, commerce and sustenance yet a huge 95% remains unexplored and unseen to the human eyes.

You have probably heard already 'we know more about the surface of the moon than we do of the ocean'

Did you know the longest mountain range in the world is underwater?

All the reason to start your next a SCUBA DIVER!

Koh Tao - 'Turtle island'

thailand flag

There is no wonder why thousands of people flock over to Thailand each year to become qualified Scuba divers, with Koh Tao being one of the cheapest and easiest places in the world to learn to dive.

With over 70 dive schools on the Island, choosing the right one can be a mission. There is definitely some bad ones, average ones, amazing ones, some that provide accommodation, some that don't etc. You can spend all your time searching on the internet but best is to just decide when you arrive. See the shop, talk with the staff and check the accommodation. Find what best suits you and your budget.

I arrived on Koh Tao early in the morning and planned to start my course later that day. After reading a lot of reviews and searching the internet I decided on visiting Scuba Junction to talk with an instructor about doing a course. I later learned that they didn't provide free accommodation with the course and after walking past so many other dive shops they was more expensive as well. Although not a problem for some but for others on a strict budget that could be the main factor. With over 70 dive schools on the Island, competition is high and there is deals to be had everywhere. From some schools providing free accommodation with or without food, free wifi, free bus and boat tickets to the island from Bangkok or even free Muay Thai classes and Yoga.

As I carried on my search I walked past this tiny wee shop with a great big sign out side stating “Open water & Advanced course, 6 nights accommodation and free Muay Thai or Yoga classes all for 16.500 baht”

As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a big smile and a friendly atmosphere. There was no hard sale or any stress, just a chat and was even told to have a walk around and look at other shops. With nearly 300 amazing reviews on Tripadvisor and a friendly team, there was no hesitation in choosing 'MOJO DIVERS'.


Equipment was in excellent condition and Instructors came from all around the world with years of experience and heaps of passion for what they love to do.