Spend a season in Hokkaido

Hokkaido (北海道, Hokkaidō)

The second largest, northernmost and least developed of Japan's four main islands. Its weather is harsh in winter with lots of snowfall, below zero temperatures and frozen seas, while in summer it does not get as hot and humid as in the other parts of the country.

With its unspoiled nature, Hokkaido attracts many outdoor lovers, including skiers and snowboarders in the colder seasons and hikers, cyclists and campers from June to September.


Many of the ski resorts are relatively close to each other. Hiring a car/van is a great option to spend the season exploring what this island has to offer. Hokkaido also has an extensive train network with plenty of connecting buses to each resort.

List of ski resorts in Hokkaido:

West of Sapporo 

  • Niseko – 100km southwest of Sapporo and the New Chitose Airport (2.5 hours drive)
  • Moiwa – next to Niseko
  • Chisenupuri - next to Moiwa
  • Rusutsu – 75km southwest of Sapporo (90 minutes) and 89km west of the New Chitose Airport
  • Kiroro – 43km west of Sapporo

Near Sapporo 

  • Sapporo Teine – 20km northwest of Sapporo (45 minutes)
  • Sapporo Kokusai – 46km west of Sapporo (1 hour)
  • Kiroro – 43km west of Sapporo East of Sapporo
  • Asarigawa Onsen - 35km northwest of Sapporo (40 mins drive)
  • Furano – 113km northeast of Sapporo (2:15 hours)
  • Tomamu – 150km east of Sapporo (1:20 hours by train from Sapporo; 1 hour by train from the New Chitose Airport)
  • Sahoro – 179km east of Sapporo (3 hours)
  • Mount Racey (Yubari) – 77km east of Sapporo (1.5 hours)

Near Asahikawa (Central Hokkaido) 

  • Furano – 59km south of Asahikawa (1 hour by train)
  • Kamui Ski Links – 20km southwest of Asahikawa (20 minutes)
  • Asahidake – 47km east of Asahikawa (1 hour)
  • Kurodake – 66km east of Asahikawa (1:20 hours)
  • Kitataisetsu – 1.5 hour drive north of Asahikawa
  • Tomamu – 125km south of Asahikawa (2 hours)