Working in the Ski industry to fund your travels!

Ever done a winter season and finished with no money?

The famous question 'what you doing after the winter'? It gets to that time of the season when you have to start planning on what your going to do for work during the summer. Back home? Back to reality? Or got yourself a cushy summer job working for a similar company as you did for the winter (still earning the same low seasonal job pay).

Hearing the question too many times 'when you going to get a real job'? What is a 'real job'?

Want to build  a career in the ski industry where you can save enough not to have to work during the summer? You Can spend most your time traveling and doing the things you love. 

One of the biggest mistakes to earn and save money during winter is to work for the typical holiday tour companies, yeah you get accommodation and lift pass but then again a lot of resort jobs give you that and still give you a real salary. Not saying its a bad thing but not a great way to save money for travels.

Find a job including a great salary, accommodation, lunch, dinner and loads of time to shred. 

the traveling ski tech

Any one can find these jobs you just need to know how and where.

relax in the ski shop

The Solution:

  • Think about where you want to spend your season
  • Google all businesses in that resort/town
  • Email directly to local businesses with a great cover letter and C.V
  • Try to learn a wee bit of the local language, definitely goes a long way!
  • Wait patiently for reply's (a lot of companies will not start getting back to you until about a month or more before the season)

The Benefits:

  • Working and communicating more with the locals will help you to learn the language faster
  • Better rates of pay then any overseas holiday company (because you get paid at least that countries minimum wage)
  • More hours = more money (don't be scared, you should still get plenty of time riding)
  • Best of all is that because you are not a citizen of that country you can claim your tax back at the end of the season which is a HUGE bonus

Your last pay check of the season will normally be your full months salary + holiday pay (equal roughly to full months salary) and to top the season off you can apply for your tax back shortly after (because you are working for a foreign company where you are not resident). Definitely a bonus as that last month alone lets you go to South East Asia and survive for at least a few months on a backpackers budget.

It helps to get qualifications off course but the good news is anyone can learn if they really want to. There is also courses to gain qualifications in becoming a Ski technician.