Want to work on a tropical island?

Malaysia truly Asia!

With hundreds of beautiful islands scattered along the coast of Malaysia, its no wonder people from all over the world flock over to explore the beauty of these white sandy gems. Less tourists and more of a relaxed theme compared to its neighboring country, Thailand. It should definitely be on your travel itinerary. 

Learn how to find work without being a Qualified Scuba diving Instructor or any experience in Island work.

How do you manage to find work in a country without any qualifications and struggle to find these island jobs advertised on the internet? 

There is a lot of foreign owned island resorts in Malaysia with the majority of tourists coming from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The percentage being expat families all speaking english. Even the Singaporeans and Malaysians speak fluent english so language is never normally the issue. 

Most resorts like to hire foreign staff! 

As the majority of tourists are all international, the resorts like to hire front house staff that are able to communicate and relate to the customers at a high standard. Finding jobs in hospitality, bar and recreation is relatively easy. Some resorts have websites that advertise positions to backpackers whilst some of the smaller resorts or island bars have no trouble in finding staff that just rock up to the island.  

Bar work is a great option 

(even if you have never worked in a bar). There is normally plenty of little beach bars with foreign workers as in some islands the bars are illegal because alcohol is forbidden, remember Malaysia is a very religious country. 


Restaurant staff is also a favorite amongst employers!

Due to the high standard expected from the international customers in some of these finer resorts, employers like to have their staff being able to meet the expectations. Communication is the key.

Aside from the general front of house positions, it is possible to find other work on these beautiful islands. School groups often have activity holidays which the resorts become in need of active people to fulfill the position of team leaders. Although It is a lot easier to find work once your there rather than looking online because a lot of places don't advertise online as they know there will always be backpackers in search of jobs.

The north east Malaysian islands have great jobs going for backpackers, even with no dive experience. You can find work as a snorkel guide, jungle trekker and plenty other recreational activities.

Get a great job, amazing lifestyle, a salary you could save and plenty of time to enjoy.

These jobs you can find using the following methods:

  • Search Islands in Malaysia
  • Google resorts on these islands
  • Send emails to all resorts that have email addresses 
  • Wait for replies

Write an ace cover letter showcasing your skill set, experience and what you could do for the company.

Please get in touch with us via PM for a list of contacts we can offer you in help towards your next adventure.