Seeing the Northern lights on a budget!

Everyone probably has the dream of seeing the beautiful Aurora Borealis at some point in their life but for most travelers it seems way out of budget. 

Problem is the best places to view the Northern lights are in expensive countries and that money saved could last longer backpacking around South East Asia. 


Last year we found a solution and it involved :

Visiting 2 of the Baltic capitals 

Crossing the Baltic on a ferry to Helsinki

Traveling up the entire length of Finland by land

Meeting santa and posting a card from the real santas post office

Crossing the Arctic circle

Seeing Arctic animals in an authentic natural environment  at the worlds most northern wildlife centre

Staying in a beautiful log cabin with a private traditional Finish sauna

Reindeer sledge ride with a local Sami family

Telemark skiing in one of the worlds most northern ski resorts

Crossing the border into Norway and jumping into the ice cold Atlantic ocean for a quick swim after sweating away in old village communal sauna 

Husky sledging into the Arctic wilderness

And best of all - - - - experiencing the magnificent  Aurora Borealis !

Is definitely one of the best experiences and would recommend to everyone reading this, after all you are probably reading this because you are interested in seeing the Northern lights on a budget.

Well not only will you see the northern lights but you will experience the beautiful landscape and engage in all adventurous activities without breaking the bank.



There is a Finish tour company that creates trips for students in partnership with Erasmus student network and offer discount to students with their Erasmus card.

The company lets anyone book their package deals and one of the best part of this trip, especially for solo travelers is that you get to meet great people and share the experience with others as most are all from different universities around Europe.

Value for money is just incredible considering It involved visiting 4 different countries  including accommodation and activities. 

Different tours depart from different locations so can choose what best suits you. We started the tour from Riga in Latvia but can also start from Helsinki in Finland or other options what suits.

It cost about 300 euros for the package trip but we was already traveling in the area at that time so didn't need to book flights to Latvia.


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