Finding the perfect travel rucksack

Everyone travels with different stuff in their hand luggage, so finding the perfect bag comes down to what you would like to put in it and how you would like to use it.

As a person who travels to different ski resorts each winter for work and then uses the summer to explore, finding the perfect bag has always been a challenge. I have tried and tested so many different rucksacks and although some of them have been perfect for one situation they proved not so handy in another situation. 

 Testing the rucksack

Testing the rucksack

Travel tip

Make a checklist of what you intend to carry:

  • Photography equipment 
  • Travel documents
  • Sunglasses (too expensive to put in my check-in luggage)
  • Tripods
  • Laptop with charger and other cables
  • Hard drives
  • Water bottle
  • Sketch book and pencil case (I like to draw when I'm traveling)
  • Skis/snowboard/skateboard 

Make a checklist of what your looking for in a bag:

 Travel light (3 months trip in Vietnam and Malaysia)

Travel light (3 months trip in Vietnam and Malaysia)

  • Able to carry skis or snowboard when touring
  • Enough room and padding for photography equipment
  • Dedicated tripod holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • Waist and chest straps
  • Tough durable material
  • Waterproof
  • Straps for carrying skateboard (summer activity)
  • No bigger than 20L
  • Comfortable for skiing/snowboarding and hiking



 Great for storing photography equipment

Great for storing photography equipment

Reason why? 

  1. Perfect size for both check-in luggage and all other activities
  2. Snow tool pocket great for storing tripod (as picture above)
  3. Horizontal snowboard carry straps great for both snowboard and skateboard 
  4. Not to big and bulky for when sitting on chairlifts (as a lot of dedicated photo bags are)
  5. Padded waist belt with zipped pocket (great for storing keys, money, etc)
  6. Insulated hydro sleeve on main strap (can be used as a hidden pocket)
  7. Dedicated fleece lined goggles pocket (great for sunglasses during summer)

Best tip for the hobby travel photographer

Normal trekking or camping rucksacks are often better value for money then any dedicated camera rucksacks whilst also offering more space and more comfort. A dedicated camera bag which obviously looks full of expensive equipment  will scream out to any street thieves whilst a well traveled average rucksack looks less appealing.

Solution - Buy a camera bag insert instead of buying an expensive dedicated camera rucksack. They come in different sizes, are water proof, lined with great padding, can store camera plus extra lens (depending on size) and will fit in to any average rucksack or man bag (if thats what your into).

Picked this padded camera insert from Amazon and costs only 10$